Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Bb9.1

Most of the problems we have experienced with Blackboard 9 have been related to file naming, (including titles of blogs, journals, and discussion board posts).
The easiest way to avoid these problems is to follow filenaming and attachment protocols and to rebuild your course inside Blackboard 9.
We recognize that this can be an overwhelming workload for many of you, so the next best suggestion is to copy materials from BB 9 when possible and when you have to use imported material, check all of your links to be sure they open properly. The difficulty here is that student permissions and instructor permissions are different. It may also help to be sure all of the material you wish to copy is AVAILABLE at the time you copy it.
If you are having difficulty with these different permissions (e.g. you can't see your students attachments, or they can't see yours) you can request a student ID from the helpdesk. This will allow you to log in as a student from a different browser and see the problem items.

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