Sunday, January 9, 2011

Course Copy

This process can only be used between courses on the same server. To copy course content from another server, you need to use export and import.

Log in to Blackboard (

Go to your OLD site (the one you want to copy FROM) click on

Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Copy Course
Select Course Copy from the Course Options menu (bottom left)

One the next page, select Copy Course Materials into an EXISTING Course (NOT NEW)
Click on the Browse button (if it appears) to the right of the Destination Course ID box
Browse to your new site and click on the radio button beside the desired course.

If the browse button does NOT appear next to the destination Course ID box, you will need the course ID for your new course to type or paste into that box. The course ID will consiste of 5 numbers, followed by _P_112 for Spring of 2011. (e.g. 04902_P_112)
Click on all the content areas and settings that you want to copy (not enrollments)

Normally, you will select Course Contents and Grade Center Columns and Settings
Click Submit.

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